Live Support
Live Support

Call 1-800-227-9371. We’re standing by weekdays from 7:00 a.m. to midnight CST to help you. After hours and on weekends, we’ll immediately page your call to the appropriate personnel.

Virtual Helpdesk
Virtual Helpdesk

Within Virtual Helpdesk, registered users can research issues and resolutions, place a new support call without picking up the phone or review technical product and backup information. Visit Our Virtual Helpdesk.

Issue Tracking
Issue Tracking

Every issue reported to our call center is assigned an incident number, which allows us to track your issue through to resolution. Please note and reference the incident number when calling us for follow-up or requesting status on an issue.

iWeb Online Access
iWeb Online Access


Product Release & Roadmap Information
Product Release & Roadmap Information

Product Release & Roadmap Information Visit our CUSTOMER CENTER or REGISTER AS A NEW CUSTOMER


<h4>Access Online Training</h4>

Access Online Training

We extend our high-quality education to everyone who needs it, when and how they need it. Our innovative approach to product and solution education is designed to reduce expense while enhancing your training experience. VIEW VIDEO ACCESS EDUCATION ONLINE TRAINING.

<h4>Marketing Support</h4>

Marketing Support

To help you get to market quickly, we give you access to the information you need to effectively market your RDC solution to prospects and customers. GO TO THE REMOTE CAPTURE PORTAL.

<h4>Equipment & Supplies</h4>

Equipment & Supplies

We’re your source for financial processing supplies, equipment and other value-added products. Call 1-800-864-2998 with questions. SHOP Deluxe Treasury Management Solutions ONLINE.


Recognizing that priorities on calls can change quickly based on business needs, we’ve instituted a formal escalation procedure.
Call 1-800-227-9371, reference your incident number and describe the urgency of your escalation. A team supervisor or manager will be notified of your request, and will direct the issue for escalated resolution.

On escalated issues, as well as all other tickets, look for follow-up telephone calls or emails regarding issue status. The follow-up timeframes are based on the priority of your call or a mutually agreed upon timeframe.

Each priority code for software calls include agreed upon communication, follow-up and service objectives. Communication and service objectives for hardware calls are based upon your hardware vendor’s service contract as applicable.

If reporting a Priority 1 issue, meaning a system is down or critical business needs are in jeopardy, please call 1-800-227-9371 for immediate assistance.

Deluxe Treasury Management Solutions responds to support requests as follows:

Priority 1: Within 15 minutes
Priority 2: Within an hour
Priority 3: Within three hours
Priority 4: As scheduled


Depending on your service contract, Deluxe Treasury Management Solutions may manage support requests through various channels. If requests for assistance fall outside of customer contract hours, we’ll request a signed Time & Materials Authorization form to proceed with work. Emergency project requests, such as sort pattern or client set-up changes, disaster recovery testing or assistance, or third-party interface changes, may also be completed on a Time and Materials basis since these types of projects fall outside standard support maintenance. Scheduled project requests may be referred to Deluxe Professional Services to review the project scope, create the appropriate Statement of Work documentation and schedule implementation.

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