Allow the sales teams to focus less on paperwork and more on improving the customer experience.

Combining electronic document origination, document imaging and automated workflow technology, a paperless treasury management process is proven to help banks:

  • Reduce costs
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Free sales teams to spend more time improving the customer experience

Best of all, deploying a paperless solution doesn’t require you to turn your business upside down. Keep your existing processes and forms, while you maximize revenue from your treasury clients and become more productive and efficient.


Ninety percent of corporate customers would switch banks for a better treasury onboarding experience, CEB TowerGroup reports. Paperless treasury solutions increase the likelihood of repeat business by streamlining the onboarding process and providing self-service options that allow customers to add or modify services on their own. Similarly, they offer your customers visibility and a feedback loop to resolve issues, reducing phone calls and delays.

Start with Treasury

The Treasury Department is a great start for any institution going paperless and solves the key challenges with treasury fulfillment, while providing tangible value to your corporate customers, and strengthening your relationships. Realize the benefits of the paperless solution in Treasury and across your organization.

Delight Your Customers
Delight Your Customers

A true paperless onboarding experience delivers the modern experience your customers deserve and expect.

Accelerate Revenue
Accelerate Revenue

Going paperless can improve your time to revenue by up to 35% and free your sales team to sell, rather than shuffle paper.

Reduce Cost & Improve Efficiency
Reduce Cost & Improve Efficiency

Onboarding solutions can reduce manual follow-up activities by 80% and boost productivity without increasing headcount.

Enhance Compliance
Enhance Compliance

Paperless treasury solutions eliminate the risk of losing or misplacing paper documents and provide a transparent view into the onboarding process. Audit and validation efforts are reduced by nearly 80%.

Paperless Treasury Process

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