Most small businesses have yet to adopt a business mobile Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) solution tailored to meet their specific needs, and as such continue to visit their branch location regularly. With 27 million small-to-mid-sized businesses in the U.S., capturing even a part of this market can function as a major revenue growth opportunity and become a game changer for small businesses. Deluxe has ample experience when it comes to helping small businesses succeed in the RDC market. Typically, our RDC experts observe that when trapped between consumers and corporations, small businesses often fall through the cracks when it comes to RDC technology. We’ve observed the following to be true when it comes to the RDC capabilities of small businesses.

  • Two-thirds of small business owners still make branch deposits weekly
  • One-third visit their bank’s branch every day

To stay competitive and profitable in today’s modern, technologically-driven marketplace, migrating these transactions to digital channels is critical for your financial institution. By far, business mobile RDC offers the greatest growth opportunity for your financial institution. By offering account holders an easy, and expedited way to deposit check, mobile RDC is the perfect modern companion for today’s small business owner. With digital check scanning, depositing, clearing services RDC offers mobile and merchant users along with and lockbox services the freedom of ACH capture options.

Help Your Small Business Customers Win

Today’s small business owners, especially Millennials, are ready to trade in trips to the branch for the convenience of using their tablets or smartphones instead. In fact, over 70% of business owners say they would be willing to pay for advanced RDC. With over 100 years in the small business market space, Deluxe Treasury Management Solutions can help you think outside the traditional RDC box and provide your small business customers with the mobile solutions they need to save them both time and money. As a pioneer of RDC solutions, we know that financial institutions that offer businesses mobile RDC services not only strengthen customer loyalty, but boost retention among their small business customers—an estimated $768 million market. Additionally, achieving even a 50% RDC adoption among small businesses would result in an average of 750 fewer branch visits per month. It’s important to remember that one size does not fit all when it comes to small business RDC services. While some banks offer their small business customers a consumer RDC solution, it may not meet their needs the way that a business mobile RDC solution can. Deluxe Treasury Management Solutions’ best-in-class RDC platform combines the convenience of desktop and mobile RDC to help financial institutions deliver services that save small business clients time, effort, and money. Delight your clients by enabling them to easily capture deposits, payments, and associated documentation, as well as:

  • Capture multiple checks or non-check items in a single transaction using desktop, mobile, or both
  • Automatically update A/R systems
  • Use real-time research and reporting

The bottom line? The small business market opportunity won’t exist forever. If done correctly, business mobile RDC is a great foot in the door for financial institutions to start capturing more than their fair share of this market’s potential revenue.

Industry Research


Great Western Bank [CASE STUDY]



Whatever your small business mobile RDC needs are, Deluxe has an RDC solution that will seamlessly incorporate with your payments landscape using the following functionalities:


We make it easy for first-time users to get started quickly with a tutorial and a practice mode built into the application. The user is guided step by step through the deposit process, making it easy to deposit checks from a mobile device. Not only is it easy to use, but it takes less than a minute to deposit a check.


To safeguard financial data, we engage trusted third parties to conduct regular audits and penetration testing to ensure our network, applications and processes surpass the stringent standards imposed by our SSAE16 certification.


Our solution offers two-factor authentication, password configurability, audit log, SSL encryption for data transmission and session timeouts.


Leverage the scale and flexibility of our hosted system or choose to integrate our mobile payment solution into your existing online applications. Regardless of what you choose, your customers will receive a seamless banking experience.

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