Risk Monitoring for Remote Deposit Capture

Risk monitoring is a critical, must-have component to keep your remote deposit capture (RDC) risks minimal and remain compliant with regulators, such as the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC). That’s why it’s important to stay on top of your risk exposure, especially for banks looking to target the untapped small business market. The higher the adoption rate, the greater the risk. What can you do to easily monitor risk for your remote deposit capture channels in your financial institution? How can you best prepare for your next RDC audit? These are important questions to ask as federal regulators demand more from your risk management programs. Finding the right RDC partner and risk management tools can protect your bank and help you remain compliant when auditors come knocking.

Deluxe helps you stay ahead of the regulatory curve.

As the first to market with an RDC risk management solution to meet your compliance requirements, Deluxe Treasury Management Solutions understands how important it is to assess your RDC risks and have a solution in place to address them. Our location awareness functionality provides financial institutions with a simple way to meet stringent guidelines for accurately identifying where RDC deposits are captured.

Our innovative risk monitoring and location awareness functionality can help you:

  • Control your RDC risks and manage regulatory requirements, including Know Your Customer compliance and FFIEC audits
  • Manage your risk by setting limits at the financial institution level or on a case-by-case basis at merchant or account levels
  • Use automated risk monitoring to ensure optimal RDC performance and security
  • Keep up with the latest risk-related RDC trends

Deluxe Treasury Management Solution’s RDC technologies makes it easier to stay ahead of the regulatory curve. Most importantly, you shouldn’t view the FFIEC’s guidelines as a reason to delay your RDC initiatives, but instead use them as directional assistance on the best way to execute. By implementing the RDC audit best practices provided by Deluxe Treasury Management Solutions, you won’t have any trouble acing your exam! To learn more about assessing and managing your RDC risk, watch our video.





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