It’s time to stop leaving money on the table.

The treasury management space offers attractive growth opportunities for banks with the right product portfolio and strategy. But in today’s mature industry, to yield new revenue and deposits, banks must first create value. Winning business is no longer about selling products – banks must translate products into solutions that solve real business challenges. Far too many banks are leaving money on the table, when they could be unlocking growth—for themselves and their customers.

As a case in point, remote deposit capture (RDC) has been around for over a decade, yet banks have captured less than half the potential market. RDC penetration varies widely among banks – and the variance is not due to differences in target market or solution capabilities. Performance varies because banks differ in their ability to uncover opportunities and create value.


Source: Analysis of Deluxe customer base. Best-in-class banks report 48 percent RDC penetration of their middle market and large corporate customer base. Conversely, median banks report 25 percent RDC penetration and those in the bottom two deciles have a 10 percent or lower RDC penetration. Achieving best-in-class RDC penetration would enable median performers to double their revenues from RDC, while performers in the bottom two deciles would reap five times the RDC revenues.

As product capabilities become more powerful, the ability to uncover and create value becomes even more critical. Integrated Receivables has emerged as a powerful, but complex solution that offers tremendous growth potential. But the capabilities of integrated receivables are meaningless until they create value in a customer setting.

Selling Integrated Receivables requires that banks analyze customer processes, technology, and decisions to uncover needs and design value-creating solutions. This sales challenge is made even more complex because pain points, needs and integration requirements vary by industry.


“Customer needs continue to change, and banks must evolve their strategies and product offerings to address new market demands. These challenges create new opportunities for banks to better serve customers and generate new streams of revenue.” ~Aite Group

Accelerate Treasury Management Revenues by connecting the dots between product and sales.

Increasingly, a bank’s performance is tied to its ability to translate treasury management products into customer solutions. Deluxe Treasury Advisory Services is here to help banks do exactly that. Deluxe Treasury Advisory Services complement our leading treasury management solutions with analytics, tools and advice that drive revenue and deposit growth, deepen client relationships, and create value for customers and the bank.  

Our suite of advisory services—powered by unrivaled analytics, tools and expertise—maximize the breadth of your treasury management capabilities.

Proprietary models prioritize and characterize the best opportunities to create value —for customers and the bank. Diagnostic sales tools position your financial institution as a trusted advisor delivering expertise and value.

On-the-ground support helps you sell more successfully to your targets—from small businesses to large corporations with complex needs.

Deluxe Advisory Services brings you a full spectrum of support to succeed, including:

Opportunity Assessment

Opportunity Assessment

Deluxe identifies and ranks client and prospect opportunities using proprietary algorithms. We prioritize customer opportunities to create value and the associated fee and deposit opportunity for the bank.

Go-to-Market Support

Go-to-Market Support

Our advisory tools help bankers translate product capabilities into customer solutions. Our tools deliver segmented value propositions, attention-getting pitch decks, diagnostic assessments, automated business cases, and change management strategies.

Lead Acceleration

Lead Acceleration

Our proprietary market datasets and internal calling teams quickly and efficiently generate warm leads, whether they are new prospects or cross-sell into existing clients.



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