Deluxe Treasury Management Solutions works with industry-leaders to accelerate access to working capital, improve straight-through processing, and drive profitable growth through in-house, hosted, or BPO solutions for receivables management, remote capture, payment processing services, and treasury management onboarding. With over a century of experience, we help financial institutions, corporations, and non-profits succeed through innovative digital and traditional financial services. We empower organizations large and small through data-driven tactics and meaningful insights. Our relationships with the largest banks in the industry, community banks, and more than 6,000 unique corporations give us a deep understanding of what banks and corporations need. And we’ve consistently innovated and grown to stay ahead of those changing needs. Working with Deluxe provides you with access not only to a comprehensive suite of Treasury Management solutions. It also means having a trusted advisor that’s here for you for the long term to help you exceed your goals.



Today we are paving the way for a new future that transforms how Treasury Management operates and performs. Our intelligent Treasury solutions facilitate business in the cloud with improved cash visibility and forecasting to drive bottom line value, scalability to do more with less, and better financial controls to mitigate risk for banks and businesses alike. Deluxe Treasury Management Solutions is uniquely positioned to be the best partner to build this future for our clients, because of our strategic investments and our deep understanding of our clients and their customers’ needs.


Deluxe Treasury Management Solutions partners with organizations with varying goals and objectives. We offer extensive solutions for financial institutions, corporations, and non-profit businesses.

<h4>Financial Institutions</h4>

Financial Institutions

Solutions that enable financial institutions to deliver value and deepen relationships with small, mid and large corporate customers.
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Solutions that free access to working capital, increase overall staff efficiency, and position organizations for enhanced financial health and better business decisions.
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Caging, data entry, and acknowledgment letter printing services reduce deposit fees, lift response rates, and more – without the stresses of capital investment.
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For more than a century, Deluxe has been a trusted partner and advisor to the financial services industry. We’ve strategically invested over time to develop a comprehensive suite of solutions and services to accelerate payments and access to capital, reduce costs and add value to our clients’ businesses. The evolution of our award-winning solutions is a testament to how we respond to the needs of our customers—making aggressive enhancements and acquisitions to bring customers the solutions they need. With flexible in-house, hosted, or BPO deployment options, Deluxe takes pride in functioning as a partner when assisting our clients with accomplishing their strategic goals. Our treasury management services have helped a wide range of clients achieve success in expanding into new geographic markets and vertices. Moreover, we have helped clients convert fixed costs into variable costs, with rapid time to market and the ability to scale with demand capabilities.      

Drive revenue • Manage risk • Reduce costs

We help our clients succeed in a competitive landscape through a diverse portfolio of best-in-class financial technology solutions. These solutions help clients target, acquire and retain customers; enhance the customer experience; improve efficiency; and optimize commercial and treasury operations.

Industry-leading companies rely on Deluxe Treasury Management Solutions to accelerate working capital, improve straight through processing, better serve their customers, control costs and drive profitable growth with in-house or outsourced offerings for receivables management, remote capture, treasury management onboarding and payment processing services.

<h4>Receivables Management</h4>

Receivables Management

Accelerate working capital with straight-through processing across all payment channels.
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<h4>Remote Deposit Capture</h4>

Remote Deposit Capture

Accept deposits and payment information via mobile device or scanner to speed cash and reduce costs.
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<h4>Payment Processing Services</h4>

Payment Processing Services

Retain, enhance, and grow your corporate relationships by offering streamlined payment processing services that help your clients accelerate cash collection and reduce escalating expenses.
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<h4>Treasury Management Onboarding</h4>

Treasury Management Onboarding

Accelerate revenue, avoid unnecessary delays, ease compliance, simplify treasury sales and streamline operations.
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The acceleration of innovation, open banking, increased regulation, and industry disruptors have converged to drive banks, corporations, and non-profits to turn to partners for technology answers like never before. Gone are the days when any organization builds all their technology in-house. These changes are global and here to stay. By constantly evolving to meet market needs, Deluxe is the partner of choice that delivers Award-winning technology solutions. Here are just of few of the ways that we stand out from the pack:

  • #1 ranked Retail and Wholesale Lockbox platform
  • #1 ranked Remote Deposit Capture platform
  • Preferred partner for thousands of organizations
  • Serve 9 out of the top 10 financial institutions
  • Processes over 400M outsourced transactions annually
  • Leadership role in privacy, risk, and compliance
  • Committed to thought leadership and peer benchmarking

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