The State of Data 2017 [Report]

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Deluxe Marketing Solutions

For many years now, data has been reshaping the way that brands (and especially the folks concerned with their marketing, advertising, media sales and other customer‐centric functions) build and engage with their addressable audiences. Marketers and publishers looking to become “data centric” have had little choice but to embark on that titanic change effort without the benefit of clear and complete intelligence. The inherent complexity of data and its myriad applications has previously made accurate reporting—on how users are investing in data, putting it to work and evolving their marketing approaches in turn—too challenging to accurately compile.

This report, published by Winterberry Group with the support of Deluxe Financial Services and a few other sponsors, represents the first industry‐wide effort to address that gap. By providing credible, practitioner‐informed insight, we hope to demystify how U.S. companies are investing in audience data (and its associated support functions), helping practitioners benchmark their own spending against industry norms and establish a firmer basis for future investments.

Here are some of the key insights you’ll find in this report:

  • U.S. third party data spending by type
  • A breakdown of audience data activation solutions vs. third-party audience data
  • Total spend on analytics (including modeling and segmentation)
  • A preview of an upcoming report called “The Data-Centric Organization 2018”