Lending Signals: The Secret Weapon to Increase Loan Origination [White Paper]

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White Paper
Deluxe Marketing Solutions

It’s a common problem in marketing. You think you have your acquisition engine operating at full capacity, yet borrowers keep going to the competition for mortgage products. Do you feel like your competitors know something you don’t? Do you feel like you’re always a step behind when it comes to growing your loan portfolio?

Your competitors might indeed have an edge. They might be picking up on key insights that potential borrowers are unknowingly transmitting. This information can make the difference between presenting borrowers with timely, relevant opportunities and going to market blindly. Best-in-class marketers are embracing the power of signals. Through their everyday actions, consumers continually create signals for marketers like you. Each signal can be tracked, monitored, and acted upon.

This white paper will share about the three predominant types of lending signals, how multi-source data can improve your targeting, how signals help improve your omni-channel marketing strategy, and how to get started.