How to Drive Mortgage Originations – Despite the Challenging Lending Environment [White Paper]

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White Paper
Deluxe Marketing Solutions

Anyone tracking rate activity over the past several months has been on a rollercoaster ride. While forecasts still predict steady growth in the housing market, a quick glance at the latest housing data shows some of the volatility and challenges facing mortgage lenders.

As we enter the summer in a surprise low-rate environment, the projected boom is understandable. But given the sudden and volatile path to where we are now, many lenders aren’t staffed to capitalize on a rate-and-term environment. Against this backdrop, lenders need tools to help them protect and grow their portfolio; maintain a healthy, balanced pipeline; and prioritize their prospects.

This white paper will discuss how to seize market share through strategic marketing that leverages data segmentation, expertise, and targeting to turn prospects into clients — despite market challenges.