A Bank’s RDC Hardware Strategy That Pleases Everyone [Case Study]

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Case Study, Featured
Treasury Manangement

As mobile Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) continues to have significant growth, demand for desktop scanners is also seeing a steady increase. Since its introduction 14 years ago, financial institutions have deployed over 1.5 million desktop scanners of which over 300,000 new scanners have been deployed in the past two years alone. Analysts predict a continued 10% or greater annual growth in desktop RDC and the steady adoption of RDC clearly showcases this trend. This continued demand demonstrates the sustainable value of RDC to corporate customers.

Perhaps it was this value that was part of a large, Midwest-based bank’s decision to conduct a thorough review of its RDC product line to uncover ways to reduce costs, achieve greater efficiencies, increase functionality, and improve customer experience.

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