All the supplies you need to operate efficiently – at significant savings

It’s not just portfolio growth that affects your bottom line – controlling costs does, too. When you use Deluxe Strategic Sourcing, you’ll see real savings – between 22% and 28% on the consumables and resources you use every day. The solution consolidates purchasing for all your locations, helping you harness the buying power of a single-source supplier, cut your consumables and resources cost, achieve better control and simplify your procurement process. Estimate your savings and learn more about this proven cost-management strategy.  For more information on Deluxe Strategic Sourcing, contact us at (866) 644-7879 or fill out the Contact Us Form below.

How Deluxe Strategic Sourcing Works

  • We analyze your current procedures, pricing and processes and report our findings and recommendations to you.
  • You receive a custom, feature-rich ecommerce website to automate ordering of the supplies you need — from business cards to dog biscuits — at the right price, place and time.
  • From end-to-end, we handle supply fulfillment and distribution on your behalf, saving you time, money and hassle so you can focus on more value-added tasks.

Take advantage of this proven cost-management strategy and drive your efficiency ratio down. See your savings for yourself.

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Strategically control costs to enhance your bottom line

Upfront Assessment
Upfront Assessment

Get an in-depth analysis of your current procedures, pricing and processes, along with tailored strategies you can use to improve.

Ordering Automation
Ordering Automation

Control and track what users order from a custom ecommerce website, restrict item availability by user login and more.

Consolidated Buying Power
Consolidated Buying Power

Get the products, items and supplies you need at the best price – our expert procurement professionals source across the globe and handle all the logistics on your behalf.

Metrics Tracking
Metrics Tracking

Drive program results with standard and customized reports to identify usage, shipment, and cost-saving opportunities.

Deluxe Strategic Sourcing Overview

Solution helps you cut costs and reel in efficiency ratios

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