Drive customer engagement – and PROFITABILITY

Today’s consumers are empowered with more purchase information and competitive options than ever before. And because they still view banking relationships as more transactional than emotional, it’s often difficult for people to build a connection with their bank. Financial institutions must focus on new ways to engage and retain customers and maximize the long-term value of each customer relationship. To truly succeed, you must entice customers to view you as their go-to financial institution – and keep them actively engaged throughout their entire relationship with your organization.



are disappointed with a brand because of perceived lack of attention*


want their financial institution to locate discounts on purchases for them**


indicate they are more likely to do business with a company if it offers personalized experiences***


prefer exclusive offers ahead of programs like price-match guarantees or VIP service****

Rewards Drive Engagement

Incentive-based engagement programs are among the most powerful tools for driving loyalty and customer profitability. They allow you to motivate and reward profitable behaviors like increasing account balances, using online bill pay, and establishing direct deposits. You can also reward customers just for signing up – getting customers engaged from the start.

Support Your Retention Strategy

Get new accounts onboarded and engaged as quickly as possible with exclusive offers and incentives that keep customers engaged over the course of their relationship with your organization. RETENTION

Increase Engagement — and Profitability

Re-engage your disengaged customers and decrease silent attrition by implementing a program that ignites interaction and helps customers feel valued, recognized, and rewarded. RE-ENGAGEMENT


Deluxe Rewards promotes meaningful behavioral change without the high cost of a traditional program. Designed to engage and motivate customer behaviors by creating emotional connections through incentive-based engagement, the Deluxe Rewards program is proven to:

  • Inspire customer engagement
  • Drive desired behavior
  • Deepen brand affinity
  • Promote long-term loyalty
  • Result in longer, more profitable relationships

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