Performance Marketing

For Banks and Lenders, we fund and execute prescreen direct marketing campaigns
in a cost-per-funded loan model.

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We’ll develop, fund, and execute a Pilot program to meet your needs and establish basic campaign economics.


Study the Pilot results to understand response, conversion, and credit quality of the campaign.


Armed with empirical data from the Pilot, we can execute optimized campaigns at scale in a cost-per-funded loan pricing model.


We see Prescreening as a powerful, ubiquitous, and compliant way to grow your business.  Last year, marketers sent 6.5B Prescreened offers to consumers in the US across a wide variety of lending products. But Prescreening can be hard to stand up and manage.  It’s expensive.  It’s resource-intensive. Deluxe Performance Marketing was designed to simplify that for lenders by leveraging our expertise and our assets.

We believe the following:

  • Deluxe Performance Marketing is a better way to use your marketing budget. CPA marketing puts the marketing risk on us.  By setting a per-funded loan bounty, you fix your margins.  The biggest downside to the lender is that they spend no money.
  • Deluxe Performance Marketing is a better way to use your resources. We have the campaign managers and analysts trained and armed with all the tools needed for these campaigns.  Go focus on other things
  • Deluxe Performance Marketing brings expertise to get it right. Prescreening can be a byzantine process to manage— this isn’t just a printed version of digital.  The compliance consideration alone can be vexing (FCRA is powerful, but requires disciplined management).  We know what works in the marketplace and how best to manage it



Deluxe Performance Marketing Overview



Rich Walker discusses Deluxe Performance Marketing at Lendit 2018


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