Want to elevate your marketing?

Elevate the source

Start with relevant, timely, comprehensive data spanning financial, property, demographic, and more.

Elevate the strategy

Add proprietary data insights that pinpoint your marketing sweet spot and reach your ideal customers with engaging, omni-channel campaigns at the moment they are in the market or likely to be.

Elevate the outcome

Set impressive new benchmarks with rigorous reporting and generate nothing less than superior returns on your marketing investment.

Elevate every step of your marketing

We offer deep domain expertise from campaign strategy…to modeling and analytics…to reporting and attribution.

Your ideal customers are out there. They’re thinking about buying a new home…or a car…or putting money away for retirement. Most financial institutions blindly cast a wide net of marketing activity and simply cross their fingers that they’ll reach the right people. At Deluxe, we don’t leave your results to chance. Our marketing solutions use data-driven insights to accurately target your ideal prospects and customers and then engage them with the right offer at the right time using the most effective channels. The result is a game-changing return on your marketing investment.  

Start with relevant, timely, comprehensive data

It doesn’t matter how creative and engaging your campaign is if isn’t reaching the right people. Great campaigns start with great data. So we begin with the most up-to-date and relevant data drawn from a unique and comprehensive pool of sources. Our program monitors current and past customers, including daily triggers from all three credit bureaus informing us when your customers are shopping for a mortgage, a car, a bankcard or insurance. We also draw data on prospective customers from hundreds of industry sources.

Add proprietary data models that pinpoint your ideal target

Once we have the best possible data, we bring our expertise to the table to target the most productive and high performing prospects. We’ll start by getting a clear understanding of your current customers— who they are, where they live and how they’re performing for you today. We’ll use this information to help you evaluate potential prospects through the economics of consumer behavior, statistical analysis and market share. Our advanced, multivariate analytics and segmentation capabilities identify who and how to target to get the most value for your marketing investment.

Follow through with smart, creative, omni-channel campaigns

The key to reaching consumers is finding the sweet spot where they are most attentive. That may be direct mail, email, phone or digitally. We’ll help you create an integrated omni-channel campaign to reach your audience through multiple touch points. With direct access to our highly automated, secure SaaS technology platform, you’ll be able to easily manage and monitor all of your activity along the way.

Generate serious returns on your marketing investment

Whether you’re looking to acquire, cross-sell or retain consumer and small business relationships, Deluxe Marketing Solutions can make a dramatic impact on your ROI. We measure every critical aspect of every campaign, from profit margins and tenures to lifetime values. You’ll know the true value your marketing investments are bringing to your organization. On average, our clients experience a 30-40 percent increase in lift over control using our proven three-step approach: identify, target and measure.

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