Build stronger, more profitable relationships upfront

Acquiring new accounts is not easy, and retaining them is even more difficult. In fact, the first 90 days with a new account holder are vital to the long-term success of the relationship. Deluxe offers you strategic, multi-channel marketing solutions that help you intelligently acquire, grow and retain the best accounts. For more information about Deluxe Marketing Services, contact us at (877) 214-2513 or fill out the Contact Us Form below.

Marketing: Including Digital Advertising In Your Omnichannel Approach

  Financial Institutions’ digital spend is growing rapidly. In just six years time, it is expected to nearly double. eMarketer estimates that the U.S. financial industry will spend more than $10 billion annually on digital advertising by 2019.¬†Deluxe Marketing Services can help you turn your digital advertising into a direct-to-consumer channel with our proven three-step approach: identify, target, and measure. ¬†Download the Solutions Guide.  

Successfully onboard account holders upfront

Attrition Modeling
Attrition Modeling

View historical attrition analytics to identify which products increase account life, and by how much.

Product Purchase Sequencing
Product Purchase Sequencing

Know what products to offer, and when, with customized onboarding plans and marketing materials.

Simplified Matrix
Simplified Matrix

Access easy-to-understand reports that reveal the profitability of your cross-sell programs.

Solutions to target the right account holders, with the right messages, at the right times

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