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It’s all about signals…and timing

Consumers are continuously sending you signals. Each time they make a purchase or a payment, search for information online, click ads, apply for a new loan or close out a loan, they reveal something about themselves. These signals, when received and responded to in a timely manner, can help you reach those actively in the market. Learning how to track, monitor and act on the signals your customers are sending can lead to new opportunities for profitable loan growth. Deluxe can help you integrate signals into your marketing strategy and campaigns:

  • Keep your client relationships in-house, grow wallet share and reduce attrition by identifying which of your account holders has applied for credit outside your institution with In-the-Market-Alerts.
  • Improve the timing and success of your loan campaigns by accurately targeting more motivated and qualified prospects using our 40+ predictive insight scores that segment customers based on risk, income, propensity to apply and more.

Beyond signals, our tri-bureau prescreening capabilities gives you a 75% lift in identifying your most profitable audiences.

Get better results than ever before with our full-service solution

Deluxe Marketing Solutions combines our data-driven insights and analytics with an integrated, omni-channel approach to deliver superior campaigns results and superior ROI. Learn more about how you can elevate your marketing . Clients have trusted Deluxe for over 100 years. As experts in the financial services industry, and experienced marketers, we understand your business and the regulations that impact it. Our solutions and services are uniquely designed to help you adhere to compliance requirements and meet your growth and ROI goals. Find out how Deluxe Marketing Solutions can help you reach your ideal consumers like never before. Contact us at (877) 214-2513 or fill out the form below.

What’s your digital strategy?

It’s important to reach consumers in the channel they prefer. A growing and increasingly important channel is digital advertising. Deluxe Marketing Solutions provides an innovative program that delivers its clients a 30-40 percent increase in lift over control using using our proven three-step approach: identify, target and measure.



Within the attributes you desire, we can create a highly predictive file of ideal consumers from our database of more than 250 million prospects.



Once the best prospects are identified, our solution allows you to deliver digital advertising to the precise audience you’ve targeted.



Using a control group, we incorporate attribution throughout the campaign to measure what matters most: account applications, accounts opened and revenue.

Earn REAL revenue and ROI for every marketing dollar spent

Whether it’s finding more qualified audiences, improving campaign targeting, or increasing customer retention, Deluxe Marketing Solutions’ data, analytics and omni-channel execution capabilities are powerful tools when it comes to attracting and growing more profitable consumers. We specialize in using your data, third-party data, and credit bureau data to actively monitor consumer signals that help you make informed business decisions and improve your ROI. The bottom line is that we can help you reach the account holders who will help you profitably grow. On average, our clients generate 90 dollars in new revenue for every dollar spent marketing a mortgage to a qualified account holder. Now those are results you can stand behind! Read this article to learn more about marketing campaigns that rapidly pay for themselves. No matter what your marketing goals are, Deluxe Marketing Solutions can help you meet them.

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