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Acquire your best account holders with precise targeting

To get the most out of your marketing spend, you need smart strategies for acquiring new deposit account holders. Our data-driven approach makes all the difference in getting the results you’re looking for. Deluxe Marketing Solutions uses an advanced data set that incorporates national and your own historical consumer data to define your ideal, most valuable targets. These targets look, behave and transact like your best account holders. You can execute even the most sophisticated targeting using attributes and signals on our Intelidata Express platform. This technology connects you to over 250 million consumers with more than 40+ insight models, identifying qualified, high propensity consumers with precision. In fact, Deluxe Marketing Solutions’ Checking Acquisition program has been proven to deliver a significant lift in response and increased ROMI compared to a control group.

A full-service program that delivers your greatest acquisition results

Deluxe Marketing Solutions offers an integrated, multi-channel approach to acquiring new customers. Combined with our data-driven insights and analytics, we can significantly improve your deposit acquisition campaigns results. Learn more about how you can elevate your marketing and deliver exceptional ROI. With over 100 years serving the financial services industry, Deluxe is a trusted partner when it comes to dealing with your most sensitive customer information. We understand your business and the regulations that impact it. We’ll be a partner to help you uphold those critical standards while putting the most effective strategies in place to reach your acquisition goals.

What would you say to financial institutions that are considering Deluxe Marketing Solutions? “I’d say that working with Deluxe is a smart move. They will be happy with the service, the price and the results. Plus, working with Deluxe is just so easy. Much easier than trying to manage an in-house program or juggle projects from local advertising agencies.” – Lauren Jenkins, Armstrong Bank

Find out how Deluxe Marketing Solutions can help you attract more of your ideal account holders and generate low cost deposit balances. Contact us at (877) 214-2513 or fill out the form below.

Go digital! Target consumers where they are.

The key to reaching consumers is finding the sweet spot where they are most attentive. That may be direct mail or via their mobile device or better yet, both.

Digital has become an increasingly important channel to marketers. It’s changed the way people research, shop, buy, communicate and manage their daily lives. It’s also changed the way savvy financial marketers need to connect with their customers.

Deluxe Marketing Solutions can help you integrate a digital strategy. Our clients have experienced a 30-40 percent increase in lift over control using our proven three-step approach: identify, target and measure.


Within the attributes you desire, we can create a highly predictive file of ideal consumers from our database of more than 250 million prospects.


Once the best prospects are identified, our solution allows you to deliver digital advertising to the precise audience you’ve targeted.


Using a control group, we incorporate attribution throughout the campaign to measure what matters most:  account applications, accounts opened, deposit balances and revenue. Watch this video to learn more.

Maximize ROI on every marketing dollar spent

Reducing costs and improving results has never been more important to the bottom line. Marketers must be able to show incremental lift and verifiable results vs. control. Deluxe is the marketing partner to help you achieve your ROMI goals. With a proven insight-driven marketing approach that combines your data, public data and our proprietary modeling, we develop more precise and effective targets. We can help you market smarter and improve deposit acquisition, conversion and retention rates. Our results prove that what we do works. Campaign performance shows our audience targets outperform control groups by 60-80%. The bottom line is that we can help you reach the account holders that matter. No matter what your marketing goals are, Deluxe Marketing Solutions can help you get there.

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