Intelidata Express (IE) is our fully automated, proprietary enterprise data management platform (DMP). It’s the easiest and fastest way for lenders to locate consumers and small businesses who are in the market for loans and other financial products. IE is a reliable, scalable, and secure cloud-based prospect database that handles 800 active daily users and processes 75 million gross records per month. It provides on-demand access to our data, so you can build audiences by running queries and conducting extractions. It’s proven to save hours of cycle time, and with on-demand access to thousands of data attributes on more than 250 million consumers and small businesses, you’ll have the tri-bureau credit data, demographic information, property data, and models you’ll need for success in this challenging lending environment.

What goes into Intelidata Express:

Once you’ve created your lists, you’ll have the ability to push data automatically to many third-party solutions, such as Vantage Cloud, LeadMailbox, Velocify® and Mortech®. Deluxe Marketing Solutions helps CMOs and marketing leaders make informed business decisions and improve ROI by intelligently connecting lenders to the right people, with the right products, at the right time.

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