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To compete in today’s market, having the most complete and accurate information about your audience is essential. With a complete picture, you can better segment and personalize your marketing efforts – and you can reduce the time and financial waste that comes from returned mail or bounced emails. Our custom and off-the-shelf solutions can append the records your organization already has, filling in your gaps in data to create a comprehensive view of your customers. With more than 20 years of curating data, we can clean up your data more accurately and faster than anyone in the market. Our platform, Intelidata Express [link], allows you to self-serve your program or you can work with our team of data scientists to help enhance your lists to ensure you are able to reach the right targets.

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Why a Tri-Bureau Data Approach is Important to Lenders

Before coming to Deluxe, I thought that all the credit bureaus were roughly the same. It really didn’t matter which one you worked with. It was simply a function of time (managing multiple bureau relationships), money and onboarding hassle – and the audience differences were minor and gaps were negligible. Here at Deluxe, we’ve worked…

Dennis Driscoll October 14th, 2019

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The key to mortgage originations? Savvy marketing

We entered the summer in a surprise low-rate mortgage environment. But given the sudden and volatile path to where we...

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Mortgage lending and the interest rate environment

Anyone tracking mortgage interest rate activity this year has been on a roller coaster ride. After rising in April, they...

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Small business financing: Opportunities for proactive lenders

Multiple players offer diverse solutions to help small businesses (SMBs) manage their demand for financing. Yet despite intense competition and...

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