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Every marketing professional knows how critical it is to retain customers. It costs between 4 and 10 times more to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one. One of the best ways to retain customers is to engage them with more of your products. But what products? And for which customers? Deluxe can help you create cross-sell campaigns that reach the right account holders with the right products at the right time. Our programs use proven data modeling, insight scoring, consumer signals, and prescreen methods that enable you to extend firm offers of credit to account holders, all with your unique lending criteria. Find out how our cross-sell program can replenish your pipeline of account activity, grow your wallet share, and secure account holders’ business with exceptional ROI. To learn more, contact us at (877) 214-2513 or fill out the form below.

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Attrition is every bank’s Achilles heel. Research shows that the more products a customer has with an institution, the less likely those customers are to leave. Knowing what your customers are shopping for can help you get in front of them with the right products. This not only helps grow your wallet share, but also helps build brand loyalty and cements you as a preferred financial partner. Deluxe will help you gain and leverage valuable customer insights using external data on current and past customers to generate a 360-degree view of your most profitable target audience. This information is critical to developing meaningful lifecycle communications. Our cross-sell programs combine data-driven insights and analytics with integrated, omni-channel campaigns that engage more of your customers with more of your products based on needs.

Why Deluxe cross-sell programs work

The program gives you access to daily triggers from all three credit bureaus on your customers – as well as turn downs and leads. These In-the-Market Alerts inform you within 24 hours when a customer is shopping and in the market for a mortgage, auto loan, bank card or insurance. Once you’ve narrowed your audience down to the most ideal and qualified target market, Deluxe will create an omni-channel, multi-touch campaign that can help you attain up to a 75% lift in engagement and conversion. What makes us unique? Deluxe can help you analyze historical attrition behavior and create a propensity model to deliver offers at the right time in the right sequence. Our proprietary Insight Scores use advanced analytics to help you identify and target your most profitable account holders. Our In-the-Market-Alerts can significantly minimize customer attrition and accelerate cross sell opportunities by alerting you when an account holder is shopping, within 24 hours of the credit inquiry.  Deluxe also offers the only tri-bureau solution that identifies when your customers are actively “in the market” and attain up to a 75% lift. Learn More

Introduction to In the Market Alerts

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