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Facebook Cut Ties With Two Major Third-Party Data Suppliers. Now What?

As Mark Zuckerberg prepared to testify in front of Congress, the public at large held its collective breath. No matter what side of data you’re on — whether you’re a Facebook user who is miffed about having your personal (and, you thought, private) information sold for a substantial profit, a marketer that relies on third-party data for…

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Understanding the State of Audience Data for Marketers in 2018

Are you a marketing professional who is confused and maybe a little overwhelmed by the juggernaut of big data and how it’s being used for customer acquisition, retention, or cross-selling? You’re not alone. Audience data is fundamentally changing the marketing landscape, but it’s still all brand new. Data analytic experts are in high demand because…

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Prescreening Leads and Staying Compliant

Gone are the days when marketing campaigns were carried out without researching the target audience in advance—the old-school “shotgun” approach. In this era of tight marketing budgets and specialized competition, targeted marketing, which offers maximum bang for your buck, is key. But for targeted marketing to work, you have to be able to determine in…

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