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6 Blunders Small Business Owners Wish Banks Would Quit Making

Perhaps you’ve read one or two of those now-popular “What your doctor (or lawyer, flight attendant, hairdresser, etc.) won’t tell you” lists. They can provide an interesting view into the minds of folks who may be relevant, but distant, in your life. They can also be ironic, as the things the subject of the list…

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How to Make the Most of Small Business Relationships

Of the many lessons American small businesses learned from the Great Recession, the idea that bigger isn’t always better has dramatically impacted their perceptions of the banking industry. In their own operations, of course, small business owners already knew that size isn’t always the differentiator that secures customers. In fact, it rarely is. Larger financial…

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Why Small Businesses May Not Take a Bite Out of Apple Pay

Somewhere in the U.S. there are probably still some small businesses that are operating free of technology, but they’re getting rarer every day. Technology can help small business owners accomplish more with less – less staff, less time and money, fewer mistakes. You get the picture. Small business owners are becoming less afraid to embrace…

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You Want an Everyday, Common Rewards Program

A loyalty program must possess an everyday element in order to promote the frequent engagement and, ultimately, the customer behaviors that you seek to reinforce. In my last blog, The Essential Elements of a Loyalty Program, I spoke about the importance of content and distinguished between aspirational and everyday content offerings. While aspirational items are an…

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What Small Businesses Want in a Payments Solution – Part 1

Many small businesses are experimenting with alternate payments methods, but data from the Federal Reserve shows the volume of checks written by businesses is not decreasing at a corresponding rate. This contradiction is one of the questions Deluxe set out to answer in our recently completed study, “Small Business Owner Views on Payment Options.” Serving…

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Payments Disruption Likely to be Slow with Small Businesses

If you didn’t have a chance to read it, Ron Shevlin had some interesting points in a recent post on his Snarketing 2.0 blog in mid-May. The post was titled “Speed Bumps on the Path to Payments Disruption“. Shevlin’s point was that changes are coming, but they may be further on down the line than…

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Remote deposit capturing more interest among small businesses

In my January blog I discussed the continued preference that small businesses show for paper checks for business-to-business payments.   So it may not be a surprise that local bank branches remain the preferred channel for most business deposits. However, in both cases, there is great opportunity for financial institutions to step in and offer more…

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