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Interest rates and rate floors: survive and thrive in 2020

Last year, when rates were rising, Deluxe warned that banks should learn from the 2008 financial crisis that rate cuts are not always predictable, and can be devastating to earnings. And at the beginning of this year, when interest rates were fluctuating unpredictably, Deluxe wrote about structural factors placing pressure on banks’ margins. In both…

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Another drop in interest rates – is the end nigh?

Around Halloween, perhaps to scare all of the bankers out there, the Federal Reserve dropped rates again, this time by 25 basis points to a range of 1.5% to 1.75%. The widely expected move was the third such drop in as many months. With little wiggle-room remaining this looks like the last drop for a…

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Rates are falling. Margins Are Shrinking. Why, and What Next?

Last month we wrote about an upcoming cut in interest rates. At the time, we wrote about what financial institutions—especially smaller institutions—should expect. A couple of days later the Federal Reserve announced the first target Fed Funds rate cut in a decade. So now we have some clarity—what can we learn? Managing rates is a…

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Interest rates, market instability, and what it all means

“Turbulent” is probably the safest way to describe the interest rate landscape for financial institutions in 2019. Opinions about upcoming rate movements have taken a rollercoaster ride over the past several months. This is based on comments from Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, and the Federal Open Market Committee meeting again this week. We will…

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5 Tips to Effectively Use Social Media at Your Financial Institution

Community banks and credit unions do a lot of things well, but their use of social media could be better. Big banks dominate the Financial Brand’s list of top banks using social media, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Small and mid-size banks can right-size their social media efforts, target their niche markets,…

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What’s Being Tested Here?

Smart marketers TEST…the others simply GUESS. Testing, reading results, and making necessary changes cost time and money but is a mandatory marketing strategy if you wish to be successful over the long run. Testing is the path you travel if you want to improve response, open more new accounts, lower costs, reduce complaints, and enhance…

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The Downside to Being Customer Focused

The downside to claiming to be customer focused or customer centric is that you actually have to live up to your promise. Unfortunately, with all the talk from the big banks, and some regional banks, about eliminating free checking, the mantra of putting customers first seems to ring hollow these days. Whatever happened to the…

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