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Understanding the State of Audience Data for Marketers in 2018

Are you a marketing professional who is confused and maybe a little overwhelmed by the juggernaut of big data and how it’s being used for customer acquisition, retention, or cross-selling? You’re not alone. Audience data is fundamentally changing the marketing landscape, but it’s still all brand new. Data analytic experts are in high demand because…

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The Role of Follow-Through in Loyalty-Building Onboarding

We love our jargon in the banking industry, and financial institutions today have managed to expand Eddie’s simple six-word formula for success into multiple layers of terminology, seasoned with plenty of technology. We talk about creating an ideal “customer journey,” “data-driven insights” to drive “segmentation” and “build brand loyalty,” as well as the importance of…

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Segmentation Lessons from an Ancient Roman Fruit Vendor

In your eagerness to stay on the leading wave of the digital transformation, is your bank sacrificing power for speed? Big data has the potential to help financial institutions create customer experiences that are meaningful, relevant and engaging on an individual level. But if you homogenize your use of digital channels and treat all your…

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Build loyalty program success with delight-inspiring email

The only thing worse than sending a marketing email that fails to do what you want it to do is sending one that has the completely opposite effect of what you were trying to accomplish. When your customers receive an email from you regarding your loyalty program, are they delighted or annoyed? Intrigued or put…

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Data is the Force Behind Successful Marketing Campaigns

You might feel like the industry has beaten the topic of data into the ground. If you’ve read The Financial Brand, American Banker, Credit Union Times, or other popular publications you’ve probably read every data story imaginable. I feel your pain … as a fellow marketer I have those same messages hitting my inbox as…

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Segmentation Is Now A Key Component Of A Successful Loyalty Program

Understanding your customer and interacting with them in a customized manner is the goal of every marketer. Segmentation allows for targeted engagement, as discussed during the Engagement & Experience Expo, presented by Loyalty360. A successful loyalty program needs to integrate with this concept so let’s explore some examples. Six loyalty programs using segmentation 1. Meineke Meineke…

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5 Onboarding Myths That are Costing You Customers

The banking industry’s struggle with effective onboarding isn’t limited to a single segment – such as big banks – or even geographic location. It’s a fairly universal struggle; a 2014 global study by Forrester Research on behalf of business software Pegasystems Inc. found that nearly every financial institution said they lost deals and revenue because of…

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