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Is it time to outsource your marketing?

In many aspects of business, no matter the industry you’re in, you tend to see cyclical trends. The pendulum swings one way, then it swings back. Take marketing. Recent years have seen a trend toward brands bringing various marketing functions in-house, whether it’s programmatic media, creative, data analytics or technology. But now, that pendulum is…

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The Four Biggest Trends in Data-Driven Marketing for 2019

It’s true that every year brings change for the marketing industry. But hot on the heels of significant developments in 2018, 2019 shows no sign of letting up the pace. At Deluxe Exchange 2019 we caught up with Bruce Biegel, Senior Managing Director of Winterberry Group, to discuss the major trends that marketers should be…

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What the 2018 elections mean to Financial Institutions

No matter which side of the political aisle you’re on, one thing is for certain: The 2018 midterm elections took us all on a wild ride. Now that the dust has settled, recounts have been completed and the newly elected politicos — a more diverse group than ever before, with more women, people of color,…

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Wrestling with Vendor & Incident Response Management

by Darin Hartman, Deluxe Corporation I’m sitting in the bleachers watching my sophomore son wrestle in an all-day varsity tournament.  As the bodies tangle, each wrestler is looking to expose and act on their opponent’s vulnerability. As I thought about strategy I realized this process is similar to managing vendor risk. This week, the Shared…

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Why Are No New U.S. Banks Opening? (hint: It’s Not Just Dodd-Frank)

The long, steep decline in the number of U.S. banks has been common knowledge for years. The FDIC currently reports 5,570 insured institutions; in 1992 the figure was more than twice as high. It’s in the disaggregation of these numbers, however, that interesting patterns emerge. Recently both the Economist and CNN have noted that only…

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A New Ice Bucket Challenge for FIs

While last week my news feeds on social media showed an avalanche of humorous ice bucket challenges, it sparked a comparison to me of the recent Avalanche of Regulation Infographic published by the American Bankers Association (ABA). The burden of regulatory compliance is dousing the fires of creativity and customer loyalty in banking. How Regulations are stifling…

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