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The key to mortgage originations? Savvy marketing

We entered the summer in a surprise low-rate mortgage environment. But given the sudden and volatile path to where we are now, many lenders aren’t staffed to capitalize on a rate-and-term environment. Against this backdrop, lenders need tools to help them protect and grow their portfolio; maintain a healthy, balanced pipeline; and prioritize their prospects….

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Mortgage lending and the interest rate environment

Anyone tracking mortgage interest rate activity this year has been on a roller coaster ride. After rising in April, they began their decline in May, and they’re still low. While forecasts predict steady growth in the housing market, a quick glance at the latest housing data shows some of the volatility and challenges facing mortgage…

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Ignoring the Creative Process

In yesterday’s blog, Joe Swatek covered the importance of the creative process and the seven questions that begin this process.  Hopefully you read it. Specifically, question #2 reads “What is your offer?” Today, I’m going to share with you what happens when you ignore or bypass the all-important creative process. Let’s assume that you are…

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A Bigger but not Better Mortgage Rate

Seeing the latest mortgage rate ad from a local credit union in Sunday’s paper made me chuckle. While the featured rate and basic ad layout were familiar, it was the presentation of the rate that caught my eye and reminded me about the ongoing efforts to create a new housing bubble. I guess the creative…

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