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Millennials: An Untapped Resource to Drive Success

With millennials poised to outpace baby boomers as the largest generation and expected to represent 50 percent of the workforce by 2020, it’s more vital now than ever to prepare your millennial employees for the leadership roles ahead. The finance industry has long struggled to attract—and retain—this coveted generation, many of whom joined the workforce…

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Leadership and Technology take center stage at DX19

Deluxe Exchange 2019 is just around the corner. Are you ready to kick it up a notch? Held February 4-6 in Miami, DX19 is a thought leadership summit that brings together leading FI experts and execs responsible for market growth. It’s two days of exclusive, thought-provoking content, innovative solutions to common FI pain points and…

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The importance of succession planning at community banks

According to AARP, approximately 8,000 Baby Boomers are reaching retirement age (65) every day in the United States. Look around at your bank’s leadership and ask yourself – how many of them will be getting there shortly? Depending on your answer, you might also ask – how solid is your succession planning? If you’re wondering…

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Leading Your Brand as an Executive

Who is responsible for building your financial institution’s brand? Is it executives? Employees? Consumers? The answer is yes. All of these people are responsible for building your brand, because great brands are built by people. Executives must lead the brand. Employees must live the brand and customers or members must love the brand. If one of…

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Leaders, Learners and Laggards

I talk with a lot of banking leaders who describe their approach to innovation as being a “fast follower. My typical retort is that they are half-right— most of them are definitely followers, but there usually isn’t anything fast about their approach. Pioneers are the ones who get hit with arrows, and it is only…

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Assessing Bank CFO Value: Are You Paying Brand-name Prices for Knockoff Work?

That old saw “you get what you pay for” may well be true when you buy a knockoff handbag from a guy selling them out of the back of a truck near Times Square. That bag may look a lot like a famous designer’s latest and priciest creation, but chances are good the strap will…

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Are Your Leaders Managing the Changing Tides, or is no one Steering the Ship?

Change is the law of life. – John F. Kennedy The banking industry is changing — radically and at warp speed. But instead of someone stepping up to take charge, banks have been languishing with no one at the helm of their careening ship. The scope and pace of change in the environment in which…

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