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Rates are falling. Margins Are Shrinking. Why, and What Next?

Last month we wrote about an upcoming cut in interest rates. At the time, we wrote about what financial institutions—especially smaller institutions—should expect. A couple of days later the Federal Reserve announced the first target Fed Funds rate cut in a decade. So now we have some clarity—what can we learn? Managing rates is a…

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Interest rates, market instability, and what it all means

“Turbulent” is probably the safest way to describe the interest rate landscape for financial institutions in 2019. Opinions about upcoming rate movements have taken a rollercoaster ride over the past several months. This is based on comments from Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, and the Federal Open Market Committee meeting again this week. We will…

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Surrendering Market Share to More Non-Bank Competitors

In their ongoing desire to target more affluent customers the nation’s thousands of community banks and credit unions appear to be fighting over a diminishing piece of the consumer pie. In fact, it’s the tiny sliver of pie left them by the nation’s four mega-banks. Perhaps senior management at these financial institutions are choosing to…

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