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Half of Americans Are Confused About Credit Card Rewards

Do your customers have a handle on their credit card rewards? Is it about miles? Points? Cash back? A mixture of all three? Do they know how, exactly, they’re earning the rewards and how to redeem them? If you think they do, you might want to think again. A new survey by NextAdvisor found that roughly half…

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5 Things Consumers Think About Fraud and ID Theft Protection

Does your financial institution really know — and care about — the fears that keep your customers awake at night? Identity theft and bank fraud are high on the list of worries for the average American consumer; in fact, more of them worry about falling prey to identity theft than they fear being a victim of terrorism,…

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Rebuilding Bank Customer Trust After Fraud

Fraud continues to grow, and consumers know it. In fact, they’re downright afraid of the prospect of fraud and identity theft. When it occurs, bank customers want to know who’s responsible. If they can’t assign blame elsewhere, they’re likely to hold their financial institution responsible and switch banks, a new study from Carnegie Mellon University…

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‘Tis the Season…for Check Fraud. Will Your FI Be Part of the Problem, or the Solution?

It’s the holiday shopping season, also known as high season for check scams and fraud. Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson recently wrote a piece on check fraud for a community newspaper group in the Twin Cities area. In the article, Swanson warns readers of common check scams, and says when check fraud occurs, banks will…

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Is There Something “Phishy” in the Water?

Today’s cyber threat is a continually evolving landscape. Email phishing has moved from a poor grammar and a phony URL link email to a sophisticated targeted attack mode process. Cyber criminals are researching organization, often targeting individuals with access to the most sensitive system or information by obtaining company specific details such as: Organizational charts…

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Does Your Fraud Protection Service Overpromise and Under Deliver?

By Laura Bruck, VP Marketing at EZShield In 2013, Javelin Strategy and Research revealed that 23.3 million U.S. consumers bought products to protect their identity, spending billions of dollars in the process. Are they getting what they paid for? Too often the answer is no. According to the Federal Trade Commission, deceptive marketing practices are…

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How Banks are Allocating their Tech Budgets for 2015

When you’re treading water to keep from drowning, the last thing on your mind is what’s going to happen when you get to shore. It’s only after you’re standing on the sand, safe but shivering, that you start to think about the value of a blanket and some dry clothes to ward off pneumonia. Financial…

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