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Rates are falling. Margins Are Shrinking. Why, and What Next?

Last month we wrote about an upcoming cut in interest rates. At the time, we wrote about what financial institutions—especially smaller institutions—should expect. A couple of days later the Federal Reserve announced the first target Fed Funds rate cut in a decade. So now we have some clarity—what can we learn? Managing rates is a…

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Interest rates, market instability, and what it all means

“Turbulent” is probably the safest way to describe the interest rate landscape for financial institutions in 2019. Opinions about upcoming rate movements have taken a rollercoaster ride over the past several months. This is based on comments from Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, and the Federal Open Market Committee meeting again this week. We will…

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Wild ride: Stay in control during unpredictable conditions

Babies were crying. Strangers were holding hands and praying. Seat belts were pulled tight to the point of impinging circulation. “We’re going to have to ride this out,” the pilot had said. I suspected the 757 was on autopilot, the sophisticated electronics constantly adjusting to the turbulent conditions. “How nice that would be,” I thought….

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The Gumshoe CFO: Before You Forecast, Do Some Sleuthing

Building an accurate forecast relies heavily on your historical data. But it’s the hands-on business knowledge you apply to the forecast that helps make it a more predictive and actionable roadmap for your institution. Before you start your forecasting process, take the time to gather updated information. For example, you should: Consider future business decisions…

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Best Ways to Optimize Your Budgeting, Planning, and Forecasting Processes

How does your financial institution approach performance management? Are you still taking a silo approach to the key aspects of successful PM, including planning, budgeting, and forecasting (PBF)? Are you trusting the way you’ve always done PBF will keep your organization moving forward in today’s faster, streamlined marketplace? Performance management is evolving, and financial institutions…

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Thought Leaders Clue Us In To Financial Services Trends To Watch In 2016

The rise of digital payment methods, crowd-funding, regulatory changes, the Millennial influence — many factors continue to shape the financial services industry. 2015 has been a year of change, and you might look back and wonder where the industry could possibly be heading next. Deluxe asked thought leaders in financial services to predict the trends…

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High-profile Forecasting Error has Lessons for the Banking Industry

When the expectations set by financial forecasters fail to meet a company’s fiscal reality, the repercussions can be dire. Profits suffer, stockholders protest, lawsuits may ensue, and people may lose jobs in the fallout.Although he wasn’t fired for it, mistaken forecasting preceded the resignation of Walgreen’s CFO last summer, the Wall Street Journal and CFO…

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