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The Gumshoe CFO: Before You Forecast, Do Some Sleuthing

Building an accurate forecast relies heavily on your historical data. But it’s the hands-on business knowledge you apply to the forecast that helps make it a more predictive and actionable roadmap for your institution. Before you start your forecasting process, take the time to gather updated information. For example, you should: Consider future business decisions…

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On a Roll: High-Performing Banks Forecast Frequently

How will your board react when they see your end-of-year numbers? Pleasantly surprised? Shocked? Neither reaction should occur if you regularly prepare a rolling forecast. A rolling forecast, according to the Corporate Finance Institute (CFI), is a type of financial model that predicts the future performance of a business over a continuous period, based on…

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Increased efficiency in 2014 may be key to remaining profitable

With interest rates expected to remain low at least in the near-term, community banks are looking for other ways to move the needle on profitability in 2014. Many are “hyper-focused” on improving their efficiency ratios as a way to do so, according to the findings of the Abound Resources “Insights into 2014” annual survey of…

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