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Leadership and Technology take center stage at DX19

Deluxe Exchange 2019 is just around the corner. Are you ready to kick it up a notch? Held February 4-6 in Miami, DX19 is a thought leadership summit that brings together leading FI experts and execs responsible for market growth. It’s two days of exclusive, thought-provoking content, innovative solutions to common FI pain points and…

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Vendor Relationships May Be the Key to Better Tech

Fast, easy, relevant and seamless — that’s what customers expect from their financial institutions. Of course, not everyone is getting that experience right now, and banks of all asset sizes are turning to technology to help them meet customer expectations. In fact, 70 percent of financial institutions surveyed by American Banker said they plan to spend more…

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FinTech Is Not Your Enemy: Debunking the Worst Myths

We’ve all heard the chatter: FinTech firms are banks’ biggest competitors in the lending and payments. FinTech is going to destroy traditional banking. FinTech is the enemy. These days, it’s rare to attend an industry conference, participate in a company meeting, read an industry publication, peruse a banking industry website or chat around the water…

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Beware of Charging Unicorns: SoFi’s Vision of a “Bankless World”

Super Bowl ad season is again upon us, and according to the Wall Street Journal these high-priced TV spots can generate eye-popping increases in site traffic for little-known brands. Therefore it’s little wonder that even web-centric startups turn to this old-school media strategy to attract attention. Of course you’d better have a viable business model…

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Is Technology Driving Profitability or Holding You Back?

Rare indeed is the business that doesn’t desire growth. Staying status quo too often leads to stagnation, and in today’s intensely competitive marketplace, stagnation can spell demise for financial institutions. Driving growth, however, is particularly challenging for FIs these days, especially if the organization’s decision-makers are unsure how to best leverage technology to fuel growth….

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8 FinTech Leaders You Need to Follow

It’s possible you’re not entirely sure what it means when someone in your bank’s IT or marketing department refers to “FinTech,” but you almost certainly make use of it. FinTech is a combination of Financial and Technology and has become ubiquitous for any technology applied to financial services, it’s the technology financial institutions use to…

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