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How Does Your Corporate Identity Compare?

In “Consistency Messaging,” Tuesday’s post, I explained how a rationale I wrote for a client’s executives five years ago focused on reasons why a financial institution’s marketing message must be consistent across all contacts with customers and prospects — and my reasoning is still valid today. Today’s follow-up post is less about consistent messaging, but…

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Consistency Messaging

I’m sure you’ve had the experience of searching for something, when suddenly you find something else you’d forgotten you have, or haven’t seen for a long time. That happened to me when I was rummaging through my stored computer files. I rediscovered a rationale I wrote for a client’s executives and marketers in January 2005….

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Promote Your Insured and Dependable Status

The Federal Trade Commission says there are 400 financial institutions in the U.S. that are not federally insured. The commission spells out how these organizations must disclose this status to the public. But what message should insured banks and credit unions make? I’m sure your credit union uses the NCUA logo or your bank uses…

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Some Financial Marketers Are Back

Across large parts of the U.S., the housing market is still in turmoil, but in other areas the market is taking off again. If your financial institution is fortunate to be in a rejuvenated market for home sales, are you competing for those mortgage loans? Apparently, in Nebraska, ACTON Marketing’s home state, interest in buying…

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Wrap Your Advertising for a Special Effect

There’s one way to promote your financial institution that fascinates me, yet I rarely see the idea used. Maybe by mentioning it here, it will spark an interest and encourage at least a few readers to act on the idea. Other companies outside of financial services use this method, so it’s nothing radical. Your company…

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