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Two Marketing Lessons from a 31-Day Campaign Blitz

Even if you don’t create TV promotions for your financial institution, there are two important lessons to take away from today’s featured marketing campaign. During a 31-day period that spanned mid-May to mid-June this year, McDonald’s, the fast-food giant, aired 25 different TV commercials that promoted its limited-time sirloin burger. Sure, your marketing budget would…

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Marketers, Don’t Let Legal Write Your Website Copy

A visit to a financial institution’s website reminded me how too often website copy is composed by people who know nothing about good marketing practices. Your website is a high-profile marketing medium, available to anyone, whenever they want to see it. Prospects are likely visiting your financial institution’s website to find information. They’re curious about…

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Stop Trying to Attract Everyone in Your Advertising

Many advertisers, including banks and credit unions, waste advertising budgets by producing ads that don’t attract the audience who most want the product or service they’re promoting. With a little care and knowledge of what to look for, it doesn’t need to be that way. One of the biggest mistakes advertisers make is to assume…

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Is Your Financial Institution the Four Seasons or Motel 6?

Think about all the different places you can stay while traveling. There are deluxe accommodations (like the Four Seasons), budget accommodations (like the Motel 6), family-friendly places and bed and breakfasts. There are many different places to stay while traveling because there are many different kinds of travelers. And each of these accommodations is geared to appeal…

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Basic Reasons for Attrition Remain Consistent

Let’s look at some factors that have remained consistent for decades — and they still affect your bank’s or credit union’s successes today. In the early 1980s, when checking account marketing became a tested and proven system, its promoters said approximately one-fourth of account holders were always actively in the market for a new place…

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Lack of Insight at the Leadership Level

Imagine the chaos on the deck of a ship if the captain had no idea where he wanted to steer. Or the lack of coordination on the football field if the quarterback couldn’t figure out whether he wanted to run it or pass it. The captain is in command of his ship. The quarterback controls…

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Your Complicated Offers Can Be a Counter-Incentive

Let’s assume you already know an offer increases your chances of marketing success. So here I plan to focus on one type of offer that’s very common in today’s financial services marketing. It’s the step-up or multiple-step offer. For example, your bank or credit union offers “up to $200,” and the new customer earns the…

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