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Niche Mining Advice for Small Banks and Credit Unions

“When I ask community banks what they excel at, I hear the same answer time and again: ‘Well, we’re a community bank,’” Paul Schaus, president, CEO and founder of bank consulting firm CCG Catalyst, wrote in an article for Bank Innovation. “That is not a niche; the vast majority of consumers don’t even know what a…

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The Key to Mastering the Evolving Mortgage Marketplace

The Key to Mastering the Evolving Mortgage Marketplace Mortgage application volume dropped 7.4 percent in July on the heels of the Fed raising its federal funds rate, CNBC reports. With Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen announcing the central banks will likely soon begin reducing its $4.5 trillion balance sheet, long-term interest rates could continue to rise…

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Today’s Competition Is Different but Still Tough — Do You Know How to Stand Out? 

Competition has always been as much a part of the banking industry as dollars and cents. Today, we hear a lot about how years of mergers, acquisitions, consolidations, and collapses in the banking industry have culled the playing field … all the way down to a “mere” 1,799 insured, U.S-chartered commercial financial institutions with assets…

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The Importance of the Press Release

Your marketing department focuses on creating advertising and promotions that open new accounts. You may even use branding-style advertising to keep your financial institution’s name in front of the public. Event and sponsorships might be part of your plan. But don’t overlook the importance of a well-devised press release to give you “good press” and…

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Ask the Right Question and Increase Business

Yesterday’s blog by Amiee Ball suggests making a simple change in your daily routine to boost revenues. I couldn’t agree more. Here’s an idea that can change the way your financial institution’s staff interacts with customers. Better yet, if put into practice your FI can see a significant increase in new account openings and the use of…

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New Research Shows Communication Vital to Switchers

Bank switchers represent both a risk and an opportunity for financial institutions. The risk is not only that your current account holders may decamp to another bank. You must also consider the risk that a switcher your FI snagged away from another will stagnate, never fully engage and end up costing your FI more money…

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How Digital Experiences are Changing the Path to Purchase

If there’s one enduring truth that applies to marketers across every industry it’s this: What works today may not work tomorrow. When it comes to acquiring customers at your financial institution, that truism certainly seems to be prophetic. A study by Forrester Consulting entitled Solving the Omni-Channel Dilemma: The Digital Consumers’ Path to Purchase a…

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