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The Gumshoe CFO: Before You Forecast, Do Some Sleuthing

Building an accurate forecast relies heavily on your historical data. But it’s the hands-on business knowledge you apply to the forecast that helps make it a more predictive and actionable roadmap for your institution. Before you start your forecasting process, take the time to gather updated information. For example, you should: Consider future business decisions…

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How the CFO Fits into Top Banking Priorities

The ABA Community Bankers Council recently asked the top officers of community banks nationwide about their top priorities for the year ahead. Will they be focusing on technology? Adding new products and locations? Transforming the customer experience? Recruiting and developing a stellar workforce? Creating new business partnerships? Check all of the above, and then some….

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Seven Secrets of Board Meeting Success from a 10-Year-Old’s Garbage Business

All I wanted was for my son to take out the trash. He’s ten years old. A little responsibility would be good for him. Of course, he instantly delivered EVERY excuse in the book. “It’s too heavy!” “It stinks!” “There’s garbage gravy everywhere!” “It’s dark outside!” So, being the logical parent I am, I offered…

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