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Ethics and Compliance Training: It’s Getting Better All the Time

For those of us who work in Corporate America, whether it be at a financial institution or any other company, ethics and compliance training is a familiar, and often mundane, part of our job responsibilities.  Training historically has been designed to ‘check the boxes’ and provide the required information but rarely does it engage the…

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The M&A Market: What to expect in 2018 and into 2019

Overall, mergers and acquisitions in the finance world have been steady in recent years. What should banks be doing to prepare if they want to be acquired? What should they be doing if they want to acquire another bank? Let’s look a little closer at this issue. Since 2014 we have seen a return to…

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How Community Banks Can Resecure Their CRE Lending Business

Commercial real estate loans have been integral to the success of many small banks. Long before the Great Recession made everyone in the banking industry rethink nearly everything about how they did business, numerous community banks were highly dependent on CRE loans for revenue. CRE concerns As the economy recovered from its economic downturn, many…

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Banking on New Revenue? How the Right ID Protection Partnership Can Help

By Laura Bruck The FDIC released impressive figures in their Q1 report of U.S. bank performance. Aggregated net income for financial institutions was $44 billion in the first quarter of 2017. This is a 12.7 percent increase from the year prior. Community banks shared this growth with a 10 percent increase. Collectively, more than half…

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Advertising Compliance Basics for Financial Institutions

As a financial institution, your organization promotes your banking products and services through the use of commercial advertising and mass marketing techniques. Banking organizations are subject to a myriad of rules, regulations, and statutes governing how and what is communicated about these products and services. At best, ensuring that your financial institution is in compliance…

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Change on the Horizon – Impending Changes to Cybersecurity Regulatory Requirements

By Brad Reimer These days everything seems to be in a state of upheaval. From the news cycle providing updates on the most recent news for the U.S. elections to changes in the European Union, everything is in flux and everything seems to be related. Now, events in Malaysia as well as the U.S. mean…

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Why Are No New U.S. Banks Opening? (hint: It’s Not Just Dodd-Frank)

The long, steep decline in the number of U.S. banks has been common knowledge for years. The FDIC currently reports 5,570 insured institutions; in 1992 the figure was more than twice as high. It’s in the disaggregation of these numbers, however, that interesting patterns emerge. Recently both the Economist and CNN have noted that only…

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