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Can You Spot a Synthetic ID? The $6 Billion Mistake in Banking

By Laura Bruck, EZShield New research from the Auriemma Consulting Group (ACG) paints a bleak picture of the state of synthetic identity theft and its hit to the banking industry. Synthetic identity theft cost banks $6 billion in 2016. Five percent of charged-off accounts and up to 20 percent of credit losses are thought to…

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Banking on New Revenue? How the Right ID Protection Partnership Can Help

By Laura Bruck The FDIC released impressive figures in their Q1 report of U.S. bank performance. Aggregated net income for financial institutions was $44 billion in the first quarter of 2017. This is a 12.7 percent increase from the year prior. Community banks shared this growth with a 10 percent increase. Collectively, more than half…

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Identity Protection’s Most Powerful Feature… Building Trust

By Laura Bruck in Partnering with EZShield Trust (n.): a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something. It’s a familiar concept that’s often underestimated. Trust is a catalyst for change and the foundation for strong relationships. It guides us in our daily lives, but most importantly, it dictates who…

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Synthetic IDs: Identity Theft … Without Your Full Identity

It’s called synthetic identity theft. Whether by a phishing scam, data breach, hack or physical theft, your information becomes compromised and falls into the wrong hands. Criminals use this stolen information to mix and match names, birthdays, Social Security numbers and addresses with other fabricated information to create synthetic IDs. Once the synthetic identity is made,…

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Identity Theft Protection: Consumer Sentiment Says Getting it Right is a Must

When bank customers experience identity theft, do they blame their financial institution? Chances are they will, even if the incident of fraud did not occur through bank channels. Between 2013 and 2014, the number of consumers who switched financial institutions after experiencing fraud increased more than 10 percent, according to the Identity Theft Resource Center’s…

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Don’t Let Employee Identity Theft Become a Business Problem

By Laura Bruck, VP Marketing at EZShield You don’t need to be the direct victim of an identity theft or fraud to become collateral damage. One in 12 Americans are affected by identity crimes each year. Your employees could be some of the millions that are affected by these crimes. As a result, your business…

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Is Your FI Offering the Best Possible Identity Theft Solution?

Consumer awareness of identity theft risks spikes every time a large-scale data breach hits the headlines. The average consumer is probably at least a little concerned about identity theft, and many are very concerned. Javelin’s research tells us that about a third of all consumers who have identity theft protection obtained it through their bank…

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