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The Future of the Branch: They Still Play a Vital Role in Your CX

If you spend time reading trade publications like I do, you’ll see a lot of articles declaring the death of things … direct mail, community banking, debit rewards, and even checks (how dare they!) One that I see quite frequently though is the death of the bank branch. I think this declaration is a little…

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Three Ways to Get the Most From Direct Mail

Admittedly, direct mail doesn’t rank as highly in most marketing campaigns as it did twenty years ago. However, direct marketing also has not gone the way of the dinosaur. If anything, the rise of email and digital communication has helped direct mail carve its own specialized niche (once marketers understand how it can be tied…

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Data Analysis and Machine Learning Causing Evolution in Direct Marketing

Direct marketing can get a bad rap, even in the banking industry, which, according to the Data & Marketing Association (DMA), is still the heaviest user of it. We’ve even heard from clients and prospects who have the perception that consumers don’t like it or that it’s not effective anymore. More and more consumers are…

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Advertising Compliance Basics for Financial Institutions

As a financial institution, your organization promotes your banking products and services through the use of commercial advertising and mass marketing techniques. Banking organizations are subject to a myriad of rules, regulations, and statutes governing how and what is communicated about these products and services. At best, ensuring that your financial institution is in compliance…

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The Investor Call that Sent Ripples through the Alternative Lending Industry

It’s easy to get overwhelmed and think that everything is happening at once. Sometimes, though, it’s true, everything is happening all at once! The Alternative Lending industry will definitely look back at May 2016 as one of those periods when everything happened at once – where big parts of the way businesses work were altered…

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Your Roadmap for Navigating the Marketing Maze: An Omni-channel Approach

Managing a financial institution’s marketing campaigns is a lot like standing in the middle of a maze. You can go in multiple directions, and more than one might well lead to the exit. Others will lead to dead ends, traps or even a dragon that enjoys his marketers with a side of fava beans and…

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Deconstructing Check Acquisition Strategies Amidst Constant Change

It’s no secret the financial services industry is facing unprecedented challenges and rapid change in new technologies and an ever-increasing competitive landscape. If you are responsible for acquiring new account holders at your financial institution, you need to change your marketing strategies. The market is filled with competing offers – other financial institutions are marketing…

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