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Rates are falling. Margins Are Shrinking. Why, and What Next?

Last month we wrote about an upcoming cut in interest rates. At the time, we wrote about what financial institutions—especially smaller institutions—should expect. A couple of days later the Federal Reserve announced the first target Fed Funds rate cut in a decade. So now we have some clarity—what can we learn? Managing rates is a…

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Interest rates, market instability, and what it all means

“Turbulent” is probably the safest way to describe the interest rate landscape for financial institutions in 2019. Opinions about upcoming rate movements have taken a rollercoaster ride over the past several months. This is based on comments from Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, and the Federal Open Market Committee meeting again this week. We will…

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The Battle for Retail Deposits

A coffer filled to the brim with low-cost deposits … ah, those were the days. As anyone in banking will tell you, the days of free-wheeling deposit growth for community banks are grinding to a halt. The reason? The Federal Reserve made good on its promise to raise rates, and more are coming down the…

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Aite: Discover the Future of Insurance Payments

April 7 | 2 pm EST | 1 pm CST  Webinar Details Today, customer payments collected from field offices and remote agents cause headaches in management and delays in deposits. There is a better way. Join Aite Senior Analyst Jamie Bisker as he addresses the current state of insurance payments and how technology can deliver cost savings,…

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Three Excuses for Lack of Growth

It’s a familiar scenario for many financial institutions — you’ve hit a brick wall when it comes to growth. This could be growth in the acquisition of new members or customers, growth in deposits or lending or growth in any other number of areas. The bottom line is, you want growth, you need growth, but…

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Better Business Strategy: Low Expense or Low Cost of Deposits?

Here is a question that dogs us: Should we follow a strategy that drives top quartile performance in operating expenses or cost of deposits? If your answer is “yes”, your execution better be flawless. Because the two don’t often go together. In my search, described below, only two banks made top quartile performance in both…

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Customers Pay Huge Fines for Mega-Banks’ Misdeeds

When a mega-bank is found guilty of misdeeds and is fined in the millions of dollars, who actually pays the fine? “Wells Fargo donates for winter shelters” reads the big bold headline in the Tuesday edition of The Sacramento Bee.  Reading the article I learn that the wonderful, giving folks at Wells Fargo recently donated…

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