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The Future of the Branch: They Still Play a Vital Role in Your CX

If you spend time reading trade publications like I do, you’ll see a lot of articles declaring the death of things … direct mail, community banking, debit rewards, and even checks (how dare they!) One that I see quite frequently though is the death of the bank branch. I think this declaration is a little…

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The Durbin Amendment and the Return to Rewards on Debit Portfolios

After four years of ticking off practically everyone it affects, it’s probably safe to say the verdict is in on the Durbin Amendment – it didn’t work the way its authors wanted it to. Guest blogger Glen Sarvady shared his thoughts in a recent post, but to summarize: The savings that legislators intended to flow…

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Durbin Amendment: The Fourth Birthday of the Law Bankers Love to Hate

The Durbin Amendment turned four years old in October, but bankers forgot to order a cake. Rather than financial institutions getting comfortable or at least developing grudging acceptance with the passage of time, their animosity toward the rule has only grown. In fact, the anniversary of Durbin’s October 1 effective date triggered a renewed flame…

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