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Dear Diary – The Secrets of US Consumer Payment Choice

The Federal Reserve remains the go-to source for authoritative data on the US payments system. In most cases – such as with the Payments Study the Fed issues every three years – the data is gathered from financial institutions. Add some behavioral data collected directly from consumers into the mix, though, and things get really…

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Half of Americans Are Confused About Credit Card Rewards

Do your customers have a handle on their credit card rewards? Is it about miles? Points? Cash back? A mixture of all three? Do they know how, exactly, they’re earning the rewards and how to redeem them? If you think they do, you might want to think again. A new survey by NextAdvisor found that roughly half…

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Can You Spot a Synthetic ID? The $6 Billion Mistake in Banking

By Laura Bruck, EZShield New research from the Auriemma Consulting Group (ACG) paints a bleak picture of the state of synthetic identity theft and its hit to the banking industry. Synthetic identity theft cost banks $6 billion in 2016. Five percent of charged-off accounts and up to 20 percent of credit losses are thought to…

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Banking on New Revenue? How the Right ID Protection Partnership Can Help

By Laura Bruck The FDIC released impressive figures in their Q1 report of U.S. bank performance. Aggregated net income for financial institutions was $44 billion in the first quarter of 2017. This is a 12.7 percent increase from the year prior. Community banks shared this growth with a 10 percent increase. Collectively, more than half…

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Bend, But Don’t Break: How to Minimize the Effects of a Privacy Breach

By Elena Ames, Deluxe Corporation Last week, my colleague Brad Reimer posted a great privacy blog on his recent attendance at the 2015 Privacy. Security. Risk. (P.S.R.) IAPP conference. Protecting sensitive information has been a key topic this year for many organizations across the globe. A few months ago, I had the great opportunity to visit Toronto,…

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Accounts That Experience Fraud Run From Their FI

“You never know who might be watching.” You’ve heard that saying before. When applied to your money, it used to mean that you shouldn’t flash large amounts of cash in a public place or let anyone stand too close to you when using the ATM. Nowadays, though, the thieves who are watching are nowhere near…

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Be Ready for National Protect Your Identity Week

National Protect Your Identity Week (PYIW) is October 20-27. Identity theft happens when someone steals your personal information and uses it without your permission. It’s a serious crime that can wreak havoc with your finances, credit history, and reputation. In 2013, 13.1 million consumers suffered identity fraud – the second highest level on record according…

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