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Half of Americans Are Confused About Credit Card Rewards

Do your customers have a handle on their credit card rewards? Is it about miles? Points? Cash back? A mixture of all three? Do they know how, exactly, they’re earning the rewards and how to redeem them? If you think they do, you might want to think again. A new survey by NextAdvisor found that roughly half…

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Nurturing Near-prime Customers to Evolve into Prime Ones

Retail establishments routinely fight to win over the best customers. Those with expendable funds and/or a willingness to use credit to buy products from them. While it’s challenging, those that build the right customer experience have found loyalty in a very price conscious market. Companies like Amazon,, Target, and even Best Buy now have…

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5 Reasons You Should Prescreen Customers

Prescreening is a highly effective marketing process used by savvy marketers in the lending and banking industry every day. It involves making unsolicited offers of credit or insurance to consumers who might be in the market. Basically it allows you to compile a list of consumers who are likely interested in obtaining a mortgage, that…

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Kerfuffle Over Loyalty Program Changes Brews a Lesson on the Value of Rewarding on Multiple Variables

“I’m only a dollar sign.” “Gouging.” “No one believes that at all.” “I know when I’m being screwed.” Before it even launched, Starbucks’ revised rewards program was generating the kind of Twitter vitriol that we’ve come to expect from presidential campaigns. The coffee-seller’s website says the new rewards program will go live sometime in April,…

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When Rates Climb, Will Your Customers Begin to Flee?

It has finally happened.  The internet marketing Gods, with their fancy scrolling banners strategically placed on my favorite homepage have encouraged me to click their link. Like a moth drawn to a flame, I was lured in with promises of a higher rate on my checking account. As a loyal community bank customer for countless…

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Getting Over the Activation Hurdles

Have you experienced this aggravating scenario? You’re interacting with a customer service person (maybe asking a question, placing an order or even paying for a purchase) when another customer approaches and demands the representative’s attention. Instead of smiling politely and letting the interloper know he will be served shortly when the salesperson is done helping…

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Nine Ways FIs Can Improve Their VOC Programs

Nearly half of the 100 banking executives polled for KPMG’s 2014 Banking Industry Outlook Survey agree: banks aren’t in the driver’s seat anymore when it comes to deciding how the banking business is changing. Customer expectations will be the most important driver of business transformation in 2015, according to 47% of respondents. Increasingly, financial institution…

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