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Half of Americans Are Confused About Credit Card Rewards

Do your customers have a handle on their credit card rewards? Is it about miles? Points? Cash back? A mixture of all three? Do they know how, exactly, they’re earning the rewards and how to redeem them? If you think they do, you might want to think again. A new survey by NextAdvisor found that roughly half…

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What Retail Marketers Know and Banks Should Learn

What can banks learn from the retail sector? And how can they apply those lessons to create a value-building customer experience? During a recent Banking Exchange Roundtable, a group of industry experts, including Deluxe’s own Kesna Lawrence, pondered that question. “There’s a lot that banks can learn from retailers,” says Lawrence, chief data scientist at…

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Mobile Emerges with the Most Power to Drive Loyalty

Loyalty programs have multiple factors going for them in terms of engaging consumers, but the fundamental one is this: consumers want more value. In exchange for handing over their hard-earned dollars, customers want something more in return than just the products or services they’re paying for. They want added value, and loyalty programs excel at…

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4 Ways to Hone Your Marketing Chops at DX17

Marketing is mission-critical in the banking industry. It’s the part of the operation that draws new customers’ attention, helps new and current customers understand the value of your products and services, and keeps account-holders engaged with your financial institution. Marketers are always looking for new, better, more efficient and effective ways to do their jobs,…

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Build loyalty program success with delight-inspiring email

The only thing worse than sending a marketing email that fails to do what you want it to do is sending one that has the completely opposite effect of what you were trying to accomplish. When your customers receive an email from you regarding your loyalty program, are they delighted or annoyed? Intrigued or put…

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Bank Loyalty Extends Beyond Customer Acquisition Incentives

Banks do plenty to reward new customers, offering hefty cash bonuses for opening new accounts. And while cash incentives have become richer and more competitive over time, that tends to be where the rewards stop. Many industries, mainly retail and credit cards, work hard to consistently reward loyal customers with tangible, regular rewards. In banking,…

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Consumers Say They Are Okay With Trading Their Data for Rewards

  There’s no such thing as a free lunch — or a free loyalty program — and consumers know it. They’re well aware that their personal data is the “currency” by which they pay for the “free” rewards loyalty program sponsors promise. What’s more, they’re very willing to pay that price, as long as the…

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