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Reward Program KPIs: How to Measure Registration Success

The beginning of the year is a great time to set goals for your rewards program and strategize for the months ahead. But you can’t determine where you want to go without first taking stock of where you currently stand. When taking the pulse of your rewards program to track and measure its progress, the…

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Great Relationships Begin with Engagement

We’ve all heard the studies that say married men – regardless of other demographic factors – live longer than their single counterparts. Apparently, when you’re happy and feel cared for you stick around. Married men are also often the main drivers of retirement investing for couples. So when you’re fully engaged in a relationship, not…

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More Than One Path Leads to Engagement

In early 1900s Calcutta, there lived a Hindu priest of such holiness and devotion that he drew a legion of followers. He horrified them all when – after a lifetime of being an inspirational model Hindu – he converted to a competing religion and lived according to its tenets for a time. He compounded their…

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Evolving From a Marketing Calendar to Brand Engagement

For many marketers, the annual marketing calendar is a rite of passage. Typically sometime in the fall of the year, marketers around the world drag out a calendar, begin circling months and trying to figure out what they’re going to do and at what time of the year. Often, what they decide to do is…

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Adding Competition to Your Rewards Program

Winning is a powerful motivator, so it makes sense to harness this power in your rewards program. The chief goal is to motivate your customers toward a set of behaviors that will profit your institution. Let’s first dimension the potential impact of an effective competition strategy on overall engagement with your rewards program. Our experience…

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Improve customer onboarding and remove an obstacle to growth

At a time when many financial institutions are looking to grow, one of the obstacles they often face stems from a relatively straightforward problem. Although customers may be interested in making a change, the actual process of moving from one financial institution to another is often long and painful. Many account holders decide it’s not…

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