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The Pony Express May Have Dire Consequences for FIs

The latest payments news from the Google camp involves the firm’s announced reboot of Android Pay and Google Wallet. I’ll defer to others to provide the specifics (the NY Times offers a nice synopsis) but I’m struck by the extent to which Apple Pay is winning the PR wars. Android Pay is being portrayed as…

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Why Should Consumers Care About You?

Individuality and the desire to set yourself apart from the crowd is an inherently human trait. Most folks don’t want to blend in — far from it. They want to stand out in blazing technicolor glory as their own unique person in a sea of diversity. The same is true of most financial institutions. Banks…

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Nine Ways FIs Can Improve Their VOC Programs

Nearly half of the 100 banking executives polled for KPMG’s 2014 Banking Industry Outlook Survey agree: banks aren’t in the driver’s seat anymore when it comes to deciding how the banking business is changing. Customer expectations will be the most important driver of business transformation in 2015, according to 47% of respondents. Increasingly, financial institution…

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Credit Unions Can Use Data Like the Big Banks

Big data just keeps getting bigger, impacting virtually every industry – from filmmaking to finance – on a global level. It’s already a revolutionary concept, and some technology experts predict that in just five more years, global data production will be 44 times what it was in 2009. Still, for all its massive potential, financial…

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Javelin: Convert “Silent Attrition” into Banking Engagement and Profits

In this webinar, we will delve deeper into six critical steps for a successful onboarding experience. Join us as we explore a two-pronged approach for both reducing silent attrition among new account holders, as well as turning current ones into fully engaged ones.

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Payments Fraud Continues to Concern Bankers

Banks and credit unions have grappled with payments fraud for decades, so it’s not surprising that the 2014 Federal Reserve Bank Payments Fraud Survey found fraud attempts and losses are continuing to be widespread. What’s interesting, however, is the changing profile of the survey respondents. More non-financial services organizations responded in 2014 than ever before,…

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Credit Union Marketers: The Keys to Selling Quality Auto Loans

Nearly 250 million registered vehicles are on America’s roads, according to U.S. Census data. Most of them are private or commercial vehicles and many of them are financed. Has your financial institution been overlooking the potential revenue stream represented by auto loans? A high number of defaults during the economic downturn might have made some…

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