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Beyond the Trends: What’s Really on the Horizon for Banks in 2016 and Beyond

As the first quarter of 2016 draws to a close, it’s a good time to look at what’s on the horizon for the rest of the year. The financial services pros at Mintel Compremedia, the world’s leading market intelligence agency, recently published their Financial Services Marketing Trends for 2016. I really enjoyed learning more about what the experts at…

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How Banks can Hang Up on the Growing Problem of Call Center Fraud

Fraud has been around in one form or another since humans invented the concept of money. When payments shifted into the digital realm with online and mobile channels, fraudsters followed. In response, banks tightened security measures for online and mobile channels, and embraced chip and PIN technology. Their moderate success in thwarting fraud in those…

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M&A Market is Looking Up for 2016: Is this the Time for Your Bank to Make a Move?

Do you remember the feeling you had when you first began dating your spouse? The butterflies in your stomach when he or she was around…hoping it was that special someone every time the phone rang… feeling like you were constantly on Cloud 9.  Then, it happened – a year into the relationship and you quickly…

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Musings from CUNA’s Government Affairs Conference

Last week 5,000 credit union leaders gathered in Washington DC for CUNA’s annual Government Affairs Conference (GAC). As its name implies, the GAC is heavy on congressional interaction and industry advocacy. Given the heightening battle of legislative tug of war between banks and credit unions, that’s a reasonable use of time. But as the largest…

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Crowd Funding: Brave the Heat or Get Out of the Kitchen?

Summertime in South Louisiana means 100 degree heat accompanied by 1000% humidity (relatively speaking).  Now, in case you’ve never been to “Bayou Country”, this equates to an immediate sweat storm upon stepping outside the door. In true southern speak… it’s bad y’all. Accordingly, all good southern mothers instinctively know that you must limit outside playtime…

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When Rates Climb, Will Your Customers Begin to Flee?

It has finally happened.  The internet marketing Gods, with their fancy scrolling banners strategically placed on my favorite homepage have encouraged me to click their link. Like a moth drawn to a flame, I was lured in with promises of a higher rate on my checking account. As a loyal community bank customer for countless…

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Examining What Makes People Switch Banks

Who hasn’t had the experience of seeing someone else make such an inexplicable decision that you just have to ask them “What were you thinking?” Many in the banking industry feel that sense of bewilderment when contemplating what motivates consumers to switch banks. But moving from one bank to another isn’t an out-there kind of…

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