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Is it time to outsource your marketing?

In many aspects of business, no matter the industry you’re in, you tend to see cyclical trends. The pendulum swings one way, then it swings back. Take marketing. Recent years have seen a trend toward brands bringing various marketing functions in-house, whether it’s programmatic media, creative, data analytics or technology. But now, that pendulum is…

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Pre-emptive Advertising

There’s a method advertisers have used since at least the 1800s. It still works today. This method can separate your financial institution from your competitors in the minds of consumers in your market. The unfortunate fact most banks and credit unions face is how consumers consider their products and services. Most consumers feel all banks…

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11 Ways to Sabotage Your Marketing Projects

You’re probably wondering why you should read a blog post that tells you how to sabotage your projects. You have people who do that for you. (Sabotage, I mean, not read.) Well, if you can identify tactics and methods that doom or damage a project, then you can act to prevent them from doing their…

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Start Your Own Idea File

If you regularly read this blog, you might have seen references to an idea file in some of my posts. I usually include a link to the original idea file post I wrote in July 2009. The post is old enough that if it were a cell phone it would qualify as an antique. My…

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Hint to Counter Committee Meddling

“Creative by Committee” is the bane of any marketing department. You’re required to pass around your project to others who show their authority and self-importance by indulging in unnecessary and unwanted changes. See if this idea can help you. Typically, your message to the committee is something like this: “Here’s the new creative for our…

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