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Take Advantage of the Scarcity Principle

Human behavior tells us that when something we need and use becomes scarce, we tend to want more of it.  It’s known as the scarcity principle. And right now, you can put this principle to work for your bank or credit union. As bank marketers you should be rejoicing that you’ve been handed a rare…

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Warning — Avoiding This Word Is A Mistake

Every so often a major social, business, or economic movement occurs which seems to defy all logic.  Generally, it starts small but for some reason quickly gains popularity to the point where everyone has jumped on the bandwagon for fear of being left behind.  I refer to this sort of mindless behavior as the “lemming”…

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The Little-Known Marketing Strategy for Gaining Market Share Quickly

Every so often one of your major competitors hands you a golden marketing opportunity on a sterling silver platter. Are you taking advantage of it? Unfortunately, most community banks and credit unions sit back and do nothing when such a rare opportunity presents itself.  There are several reasons for inaction which will be listed below….

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PayPal versus clearXchange — Let the Battle Begin

Unhappy about the overwhelming success of PayPal and prepaid debit cards, three of the four too-big-to-fail mega-banks recently announced a joint venture.  It’s a new payment service called clearXchange. Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and JPMorgan Chase will own and run the exchange from its new headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina – home to Bank…

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More Wild Speculation about the Future of Free Checking

I’ve come to the conclusion that almost every reporter in America has become an instant expert on the future of free checking.  What most of them have in common is selecting a wildly speculative headline to get people to read their articles and the use of a handful of other questionable “experts” to provide consistent…

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Why Would Anyone Have a Checking Account at Bank of America?

It seems the folks at Bank of America keep coming back to the well for more fees from its checking customers.  It makes me wonder how much punishment these checking customers can handle before throwing in the towel. Last Thursday I read an article on the MyBankTracker website about BofA increasing the monthly account maintenance…

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Finally, Free Checking Articles Go Positive

I have wonderful news for community banks and credit unions. If the past couple of weeks are any indication, perhaps we’ve finally turned the corner on free checking articles. What corner is that, you may be asking. It’s the corner where you exit free checking is dead street and enter free checking is here to…

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