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Wild ride: Stay in control during unpredictable conditions

Babies were crying. Strangers were holding hands and praying. Seat belts were pulled tight to the point of impinging circulation. “We’re going to have to ride this out,” the pilot had said. I suspected the 757 was on autopilot, the sophisticated electronics constantly adjusting to the turbulent conditions. “How nice that would be,” I thought….

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The Gumshoe CFO: Before You Forecast, Do Some Sleuthing

Building an accurate forecast relies heavily on your historical data. But it’s the hands-on business knowledge you apply to the forecast that helps make it a more predictive and actionable roadmap for your institution. Before you start your forecasting process, take the time to gather updated information. For example, you should: Consider future business decisions…

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How the CFO Fits into Top Banking Priorities

The ABA Community Bankers Council recently asked the top officers of community banks nationwide about their top priorities for the year ahead. Will they be focusing on technology? Adding new products and locations? Transforming the customer experience? Recruiting and developing a stellar workforce? Creating new business partnerships? Check all of the above, and then some….

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Creating an Effective Board through Assessments and Succession Planning

“Choose your friends wisely.” “You are known by the company you keep.” “Surround yourself with amazing people.” If you’re anything like me, you’ve imparted these words of wisdom to your own children and certainly had them told to you on at least one occasion. We pass along this knowledge as the crowds you frequent influence…

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Evolution of the CFO: Moving from Bean Counting to Big-Picture Growth

I write this post today surrounded by water. At ground zero for the recent flooding in South Louisiana, I’m forced to watch friends and family as they salvage what’s left of the destruction. Many of these flood victims are located in high lying areas that have historically, NEVER flooded and thus, are without the benefit…

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Move Strategic Planning from Mundane to Game Changer

In bank and credit union boardrooms across the country, strategic planning sessions typically shake out in one of three ways: The stakeholders/participants are unevenly (or not at all) invested in the meeting, and so the entire session becomes obviously ineffective — from the moment everyone sits down at the table until the second the moderator…

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Assessing Bank CFO Value: Are You Paying Brand-name Prices for Knockoff Work?

That old saw “you get what you pay for” may well be true when you buy a knockoff handbag from a guy selling them out of the back of a truck near Times Square. That bag may look a lot like a famous designer’s latest and priciest creation, but chances are good the strap will…

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